Packages we Offer

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PLANS -- Most families we serve tend to select funeral arrangements and services in keeping with the two service options listed below. While you are free to arrange services on an itemized basis, the following package plans are offered as a complete service when the casket of your choice is purchased from our facility, plus cash advance items. As the options include various types of services, no credits for deletions are possible. If you ask us to conduct more than one funeral service, additional charges may apply.


  • Itemized Price: $2,860

  • Plan Price: $2,195

  • Funeral Director and administrative staff; professional staff for coordination and direction of the funeral service; procuring and documenting the certificate of death, and other necessary documents; transfer of the deceased from place of death to mortuary; embalming / alternate care of decedent; use of facilities for viewing, funeral services, or set up procedures at church or outside facility; funeral coach, service vehicle and utility vehicle.



    Itemized Price: $2,760

    Plan Price: $2,095

    As Traditional, A visitation and graveside service--DELETING Chapel, Church or other ceremonies.


    From $698 to $1590

    If you want to arrange for a direct cremation, you can use an alternative container.
    Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of materials like fiberboard or
    composition materials (with or without an outside covering). The container we
    provide is cardboard. Our charge for direct cremation without ceremony and no date
    requested by family for cremation, delivery, or disposition, includes transportation of
    the deceased to our facilities within Los Angeles County. Minimum services of the
    funeral director and staff, essential facilities, necessary motor equipment and
    cremation. Cremation is performed within 5 working days from receipt of signed death
    certificate (and acceptance by Health Department).